Packaging That Cares

Sustainable packaging made from responsible and recycled materials with refillable options.
Real beauty believes in better — we’re constantly researching even more sustainable solutions for a brighter future.

Waste less.
Save more.
It’s easy.

AG shampoos and conditioners are offered in 1 litre pouches to refill regular-sized bottles. This diverts more plastic bottles from landfills and provides up to 45% savings.

Refill Pouches by the Numbers

73% less plastic than our previous plastic bottles
62% less energy to produce

Q: How many bottles can the 1L refill pouch fill?
A: You can use your refill pouch to refill our aluminum shampoo & conditioner bottles 2.8 times, our PCR shampoo bottles 3.4 times and PCR conditioners 4.2 times.

Q: Are refill pouches recyclable?
A: While the caps are, our pouches require an inner layer that protects the stability of our formulas. We continue to work with suppliers to produce a fully recycleable pouch. The current pouches use 73% less plastic and take 62% less energy to produce than 1L bottles leaving a smaller footprint and generating fewer CO2 emissions.

Q. How are refill pouches better then something recycleable?
A. 1L bottles were putting a lot of plastic out in the world and not all bottles were being recycled and ending up in landfills. We are actively working with suppliers to find a recycleable option for our pouches that will keep our formulas safe.

Q. Why aren't there refill options for styling products?
A. Our goal is to offer refill pouches for all products. We continue to gather learning and feedback on Shampoo and Conditioner pouches and look forward to expanding these in the future.

Refill Savings

Refills 12 oz Aluminum Bottles 2.8 times

1 refill pouch ($68) = 2.8 bottles ($95.20)

SAVE $27.20 with refill pouches

Refills 10 oz Shampoo Bottles 3.4 times

1 refill pouch ($60) = 3.4 bottles ($88.40)

SAVE $28.40 with refill pouches

Refills 8 oz Conditioner Bottles 4.2 times

1 refill pouch ($60) = 4.2 bottles ($109.20)

SAVE $49.20 with refill pouches

10x smaller footprint

Refill pouches are more compact, lighter and efficient to ship than plastic bottles - which means less fuel, water and greenhouse gas emissions.

By choosing refill pouches over 1L plastic bottles, we're all helping to make a difference.

Aluminum Packaging

AG has introduced rust-free, shower-safe, aluminum packaging for select products in our Plant-Based Essentials collection.

Infinitely Recyclable

Unlike many plastics, aluminum can be recycled over and over.

Refill Bonus

All Plant-Based Essential shampoos and conditioners are available in refill pouches so you can refill to reuse again and again.

Q. Why are only a few products offered in aluminum?
A. To ensure the packaging experience exceeds expectations, we chose a few select shampoos and conditioners allowing us to gather feedback and have time to perfect anything before continuing to expand across more products. For products not in aluminum, we introduced a post-consumer regrind option.


We use post-consumer regrind (PCR) across the entire classic collection shampoo and conditioner bottles.

What is PCR?

Post consumer regrind (PCR) is made from recycled materials. It is a more sustainable packaging option as it reduces the production of plastics from non-renewable petroleum products.

Refill Bonus

All classic collection shampoos and conditioners are available in refill pouches so you can refill to reuse again and again.

30% PCR Minimum

All plastic bottles are made from at least 30% PCR. Our goal is to have all plastic packaging made from 100% PCR as more regrind plastic becomes available.

Q: Why use plastic versus other sustainable materials like glass?
A: We chose our material based on product stability and ease of use for our customers. We feel glass can be dangerous with shower products and quite heavy for some customers. We are always reviewing new and improved packaging options.